The CD2H supports a vibrant and evolving collaborative informatics ecosystem for the CTSA Program and beyond. The CD2H harnesses and expands an ecosystem for translational scientists to discover and share their software, data, and other research resources within the CTSA Program network. The CD2H also creates a social coding environment for translational science institutions, leveraging the community-driven DREAM challenges as a mechanism to stimulate innovation. Collaborative innovation also serves as a strong foundation to support mechanisms to facilitate training, engagement, scholarly dissemination, and impact in translational science.

Join us as we:

  • Support and enhance a collaborative informatics community;
  • Develop good data practices;
  • Promote software standards for interoperability;
  • Grow collaborative innovation across informatics tools, methods, and processes;
  • Advance cutting edge biomedical research informatics;
  • Expand data science education for the translational workforce;
  • Develop and apply novel analytic methods and tools to evaluate the impact of these activities to enhance health care through data and informatics.