About the CTSA National Center for Data to Health (CD2H)

Informatics advancements, coupled with a shift towards open science, are in the process of fundamentally transforming how we approach translational research and clinical care. The CTSA Program is poised to help realize precision medicine by leveraging informatics tools and expertise within CTSA hubs to solve key informatics challenges across the translational spectrum.

The CD2H was funded in fall 2017 to coordinate and integrate informatics for the CTSA Program by promoting data reuse and interoperability, tool sharing, informatics fluency, and collaboration. We are here to serve the CTSA Program by creating additional resources, building impactful infrastructure, and further coalescing the community to develop and implement innovative solutions.

Towards these goals, CD2H seeks input from, and collaboration with, the CTSA Program. We convene the community through our CORES and Community Projects focused on data, software, and people; and partner with the community to iteratively develop solutions through CD2H Labs and our DREAM Challenges. The ultimate goal of the CD2H is to help CTSA Hubs thrive, accelerate advancements in informatics, and improve patient care.

We invite you to test a prototype in CD2H Labs to learn about our “identify, invent, and implement” approach to innovation, and explore our current projects in GitHub.

Please join us as we:

  • Support and enhance a collaborative informatics community;
  • Develop good data practices;
  • Promote software standards for interoperability;
  • Grow collaborative innovation across informatics tools, methods, and processes;
  • Advance cutting edge biomedical research informatics;
  • Expand data science education for the translational workforce;
  • Develop and apply novel analytic methods and tools to evaluate the impact of these activities to enhance health care through data and informatics.

Relationship between the CD2H and other NCATS entities

Center for Leading Innovation and Collaboration (CLIC):

The CLIC is the coordinating center for the CTSA Program. The purpose of the CLIC is to coordinate the CTSA program communications and provide actionable metrics and network analytics. The CLIC provides support for CTSA Program convening of Domain Task Forces and other CTSA program committees and workgroups. The CLIC is the foundation of operational coordination across the CTSA program. The CD2H leverages CLIC communication channels to communicate with CTSA hubs.

Additional information on Domain Task Forces and the Trial Innovation Network coming soon.