Harmonizing clinical data models and building an adaptor

CD2H Phase 2 Proposal

Project Title: Harmonizing clinical data models and building an adaptor

Point Person:

Chris Chute, chute@jhu.edu, JHU


Elevator pitch:

Enabling the CTSA to function as a federated network of clinical data, supporting multicenter research is among the core goals of the program. This proposal advances that agenda through common data model harmonization.


Project history

Data Harmonization


GitHub repo: N/A


Project description:

Clinical data in CTSA hubs are not readily queryable in a federated fashion.  Many efforts exist to address this, including TriNetX, ACT, PCORNet, and OHDSI among others.  Unifying these with an HL7 FHIR framework is an aspiration.


Proposed Solution:

  • Complete FHIR appropriateness evaluation
  • Leverage existing FHIR to data model efforts
  • Explore tooling (Cerner Bunson suite) for FHIR object creation
  • Work with HL7 to advance FHIR object specification
  • Emphasize semantic consistency



  • Interoperability
  • Query compatibility
  • Advance goal of single model to CDMs and use cases


Expected outputs (6 months):

  • Working draft spec for FHIR object
  • Prototype tooling for object generation
  • Demonstration of FHIR to CDM
  • Specification of semantic mapping challenges