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The CD2H supports collaborative activity across a wide range of areas. Learn more below.

Community Workgroups


  • Data inventory & API registry for translational knowledge integration and discovery
  • Support robust data sharing via technologies such as Synapse
  • Work with iDTF/ACT to build consensus on shared data models & ontologies
  • Develop licensing standards and computable data use agreements; permissions navigation
  • Develop data quality assessment standards

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Lead contacts:

  • Christopher Chute
  • Chunlei Wu
  • Adam Wilcox


  • Inventory and ensure FAIR-TLC for software, tools, and algorithms relevant to CTSAs
  • Develop platforms, best practices & standards to maximize the quality, usability, and interoperability of software, tools, and algorithms relevant to CTSAs
  • Leverage principles and practices of the open software community to enable collaborative software, tool, and algorithm development efforts involving CTSA hubs as well as external partners
  • Provide guidance and starter-kits to address major CTSA informatics challenges, such as the selection and implementation of cohort discovery tools that interoprate with common EHRs and other relevant data sources

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Lead contacts

  • Philip Payne
  • David Eichmann
  • Sean Mooney


  • Extend representation of expertise and services across the CTSAs
  • Increase institutional adoption of research profiling platforms
  • Develop an attribution model that values all types of scholarly contributions
  • Provision a CTSA-wide index of all resource and product types
  • Create expertise visualizations and services that support collaboration matchmaking across CTSAs and across the translational spectrum

Join the CD2H People, Expertise, Attribution Community Workgroup, use the register interest button above.

Lead contacts

  • David Eichmann
  • Kristi Holmes
  • Melissa Haendel



  • Develop an Open, Modular, Dynamic Training Library
  • Assessment and harmonization of Informatics & Data Science Competencies (e.g., CTSA, AMIA, NLM/BD2K, ASA, ISCB, etc)
  • Provide training opportunities in under-addressed areas such as interdisciplinary collaboration, dissemination, and entrepreneurial strategies
  • Creation of a Mentoring Network for translational informatics

Lead contacts

  • Shannon McWeeney
  • John Wilbanks
  • Bill Hersh


  • Build and support tools and workflows for data-driven evaluation across the CTSAs
  • Expand the informatics evaluation capacity of the CTSAs
  • Develop modular, dynamic evaluation library
  • Support consortium-wide peer review
  • Build a framework for collaborative innovation
  • Create tools and process to support accountability, attribution, dissemination, and discoverability

Lead contacts

  • Kristi Holmes
  • Keith Herzog
  • Adrienne Zell


  • Helps select I2I projects and recruits key participants to projects
  • Develops community collaborative processes and governance that can be applied to I2I and DREAM challenge contexts
  • Coordinates with community workshops, panels, and more (i.e. AMIA) to promote the pilots and projects and identify potential members
  • Provide robust communications to the community regarding CD2H activities
  • Support public private partnerships in pilots and other product development

Lead contacts

  • John Wilbanks
  • Justin Guinney
  • Robin Champieux