Health Open Terminology FHIR Server

CD2H Phase 2 Proposal

Project Title: Health Open terminology FHIR server

Point Person:

Harold Solbrig,, Johns Hopkins


Elevator pitch:

This HAPI FHIR server will provision the CTSA program programmatic access to a wide variety of open clinical and translational terminologies, as well as support access to under development resources.


Project history

The Data Harmonization work group continues to work extensively with the FHIR community.  Extending CD2H infrastructure to embrace semantic content using FHIR terminology services is a logical extension of these efforts.


GitHub repo:


Project description:

Virtually all clinical and translational science data must be bound to controlled terminologies or ontologies to be interoperable, interpretable, and computable.  To facilitate and simplify this process, establishing a common, shared suite of services to provide reliable API and download access to a family of terminologies, rendered in a common and predictable manner, is required.  The domain of terminology services describes how this can be done.


Proposed Solution:

The initial development team has two decades of experience in the development, specification, implementation, and deployment of terminology services for biomedical application.  The OMG Common Terminology Services 2 (CTS2) technical standards was led by Solbrig and used as a foundation for the development of FHIR terminology services. We will extend FHIR terminology services to accommodate the requirements of translational science, for example accomodating RDF or OWL based ontologies which are not presently supported by FHIR.



The applicability of a CD2H FHIR suite of terminology services will be immediately applicable to clinical data capture and annotation resources, such as REDCap.  It will also extend to data quality, modeling, harmonization, and mapping resources.


Expected outputs (6 months):

Achieve Beta level functionality of the above steps.