New CTSA PI Focus Group

In order for the CD2H to successfully develop and implement impactful informatics solutions in close collaboration with the community, we are seeking additional input from a broad spectrum of CTSA leaders across the country. Our newly formed PI Focus group will help us identify the most pressing needs and priorities for the CTSA Program, determine what is working best, and chart an effective strategy for engaging hubs.

Co-chaired by Melissa Haendel and David Ellison, the CTSA PI Focus Group will meet 3-4 times per year to provide guidance. Our first meeting will be in-person on October 22 , at the 2018 CTSA Fall Meeting. Group members will share their impressions on CD2H’s progress, recommend priorities, and provide insights on how we can best disseminate and promote the effective tools and analytics being developed at the CTSA hubs to further accelerate translational science.

The initial list CTSA PI Focus Group Members in shown below. We look forward to adding additional members as the CD2H continues to progress.

Our thanks to the CTSA PI Focus Group Members:

Name CTSA Institution
Gordon Bernard, M.D. Institute for Clinical and Translational Research Vanderbilt University
Mary Nora Disis, M.D.* Institute of Translational Health Sciences University of Washington
Steven Dubinett, M.D. Clinical and Translational Science Institute University of California, Los Angeles
David Ellison, M.D.* (co-chair) Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute Oregon Health and Science University
Garret Fitzgerald, M.D. Institute for the Translational Medicine and Therapeutics University of Pennsylvania
Daniel Ford, M.D., M.P.H. Institute for Clinical and Translational Research Johns Hopkins University
Lisa Guay-Woodford, M.D. Clinical and Translational Science Institute Children’s National Health System
Laura James, M.D. Translational Research Institute University of Arkansas
Robert Kimberly, M.D. Center for Clinical and Translational Sciences University of Alabama at Birmingham
Donald M Lloyd-Jones, M.D.* Northwestern University Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute Northwestern University
Julian Solway, M.D. Institute for Translational Medicine University of Chicago
Robert Toto, M.D. Center for Translational Medicine University of Texas Southwestern

*Director of CTSA hub directly affiliated with CD2H; will participate as non-voting member.