New England Journal of Medicine Publishes Ontologies Paper Authored by CD2H Leaders – October 12, 2018

A new review article in NEJM explores how new computational methods for translating and connecting patient and reference data can help realize the promise of personalized medicine. The paper is authored by three members of the CD2H leadership team, Director Melissa Haendel (Linus Pauling Institute), Peter Robinson (Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine) and Christopher Chute (Johns Hopkins University). It examines how best to leverage emerging technologies and ontologies to make the vast, diverse and rapidly expanding volume of scientific reference data compatible, providing researchers, clinicians and patients with a wealth of critical new insights to inform better, more effective care.

The CD2H aims to advance translational research and accelerate informatics innovation through the development and sharing of platforms, best practices and standards to maximize data quality, usability and interoperability. By exploring new approaches like those outlined in this article and providing training, support and infrastructure, CD2H is committed to increasing informatics fluency and robust, federated data sharing.

Read the full review in this Oct. 11, 2018 NEJM Paper