SPARC in the Cloud for CTSA Hubs

CD2H Phase 2 Proposal

Project Title: SPARC in the Cloud for CTSA Hubs

Point Person:

Rob Schuff,, OHSU

Liz Zampino,, UW


Elevator pitch:

We would like to leverage the NCATS cloud infrastructure in order to deliver SPARC as a service in collaboration and partnership with MUSC. SPARC is widely supported with an active open source community. As a service to Hubs we would expect CTSA sites to adopt SPARC as a pilot in the cloud and/or we could help existing sites migrate.


Project history:

  • Built ongoing Cloud environments for CD2H @UW
  • Piloting federated authentication with NCATS
  • Phone call and demo with MUSC – Kyle Hudson, others
  • Ongoing planning with NCATS
  • Assessment and comparison to other tools (ongoing) – OHSU and UW


GitHub repo:


Project description:

SPARC is a web based tool for supporting CTSA hub administration.  This application supports CTSA hub services delivery, evaluation, CTMS and other important functions.  It is open source (Ruby on Rails) and widely used.


Similarly, NCATS has invested heavily in cloud infrastructure and wants to make available to hubs. Here we bring these two projects together as a pilot.


Proposed Solution:

We will pilot Amazon AWS environments that run SPARC in collaboration with NCATS. We will develop training materials, migration scripts and support help in collaboration with MUSC.



This project will have benefits to hubs, NCATS and CD2H.  Notably this will increase engagement outside of CD2H sites using a bona-fide open source project.


Expected outputs (6 months):

  • Script development for deploying
  • Migration of SPARC to NCATS federated ID
  • Development of training materials and documentation
  • Development of pilots