The BioData Club Kit: supporting data science education in your hub community

CD2H Phase 2 Proposal

Project Title: The BioData Club Kit: supporting data science education in your hub community

Point Person:

Ted Laderas,, OHSU

Robin Champieux,, OHSU


Elevator pitch:

The Kit helps a CTSA hub facilitate community building, support new collaborations, and improve translational workforce competency in data and open science.


Project history:

This project builds upon the deliverables in phase 1, notably the actual BioData Club kit (, and the competency framework


GitHub repo:


Project description:

The translational and informatics workforce is dependent upon the collaboration of individuals across multiple domains with varying levels of expertise. While many institutions provide formal data science education, these resources are not available to  and do not meet the needs of all learners. Moreover, these formal educational resources do not facilitate community building.

However, it is a challenge to identify or create community building models, learning strategies, and content that appeals across domains and can be leveraged and adopted to implement these types of learning initiatives. At OHSU, BioData Club is a successful community building forum and Data Science/Open Science training resource. The BioData Club kit deliverables produced in phase 1 provide CTSA hubs and institutional stakeholders with resources and guidance for implementing similar initiatives at their institutions. Our phase 2 work will be focused on piloting the implementation of the BioData Club Kit at least 2 CTSA hubs.


Proposed Solution:

Building upon our Phase 1 Deliverables (the BioData Club kit), we will provide an implementation and assessment roadmap for local instances. The roadmap will be based on our work with at least 2 institutions, including University of Washington and Northwestern University. Additionally, we will be focused on identifying open education content that can be utilized by BioData Clubs and will tag this content for its relationship to the data science competency framework developed in Phase 1.



The BioData Club Starter Kit will benefit CD2H’s efforts to provide innovative and open training opportunities on data science competency topics and under addressed areas of practice, including collaboration and scientific communication.  Moreover, as a community building education model, BioData Club will contribute to the creation of a culture of sharing and collaboration within and across the CTSA program hubs. Our phase 2 work will also provide the CTSA program and CD2H models for engaging different stakeholders in the translational community. For example, at University of Washington, we hope to focus on industry, and at Northwestern, we hope to focus on the involvement of health science libraries.


Expected outputs (6 months):

  • BioData Club implementations at two sites with completed needs assessments
  • BioData Club Kit repository, which includes assessment surveys, mapped open educational content, and roadmaps