Reviewer Suggestions

Date: December 6, 2019
Last Revision: December 6, 2019


How to Submit Reviewer Suggestions

NCATS welcomes suggestions for people to serve in peer review:

Send the following information to your Program Official:

    • Name, institution, expertise, and
    • Person profile ID or eRA Commons ID or email

Additional Information:

    • Sending a reviewer suggestion does not guarantee that they will be selected to serve by NCATS Scientific Review Officer due to conflicts and the suggested reviewer’s availability
    • Key Personnel (as listed in an application or that are identified by the NCATS Scientific Review Officer as having an NIH-defined “major professional role” cannot serve on the panel that reviews the application in which they are named)
    • UL1, KL2 and TL1 PIs can serve as reviewers, however, this is extremely challenging based on their conflicts and availability
    • More information about NIH rules about Conflict of Interest see: