Dream Challenges


The Dialogue on Reverse Engineering Assessment and Methods (DREAM) – better known as DREAM Challenges – is an open science and collaborative challenge framework. Operating for over 12 years, DREAM today is recognized as a leader in the biomedical challenge space, and a successful model for motivating research teams to solve complex problems. DREAM has successfully run close to 50 Challenges in multiple disease and biomedical domains spanning basic, translational, and clinical research. Over 25,000 unique individuals from around the world have participated in challenges with diverse backgrounds in the biological, medical, and quantitative sciences. While DREAM leverages the psychology of competition to incentivize groups, the mission of DREAM Challenges is to collectively and collaboratively advance human health through a deeper understanding of biology and disease. Please go here for more information on recent successful Dream Challenges.
CD2H and DREAM have partnered to host a series of CTSA Challenges focused on computational topics and scientific questions relevant to CTSA. There are many informatic areas that could benefit from DREAM Challenges, including phenotype and outcome prediction, NLP, image classification, and other quantitative areas of biomedicine.   There are many ways to become involved, whether you have an idea for a Challenge, have data for a Challenge, or want to participate within a Challenge! We enthusiastically welcome ideas and input from the CTSA community. We plan to launch our first CD2H Dream Challenge in Fall 2018 and encourage you to submit Dream Challenge ideas below.

Please let us know your Dream Challenge ideas