Resource Discovery


The CD2H Resource Discovery Core supports discovery of the rich landscape of expertise and resources available within the CTSA hubs and beyond, and provides a robust infrastructure to enable attribution of the many different essential contributions by the translational workforce. 


  • Extend representation of expertise and services across the CTSAs
  • Develop attribution tools that enable identification and credit for all types of scholarly contributions
  • CTSA-wide indexing of all resource and product types
  • Enable discovery and collaboration across CTSAs and the translational spectrum through a rich set of tools, visualizations, and services


CTSA hubs face a real challenge in maintaining and promoting awareness of their local resources, expertise, and ongoing efforts, and thereby minimizing duplication of effort and lost opportunities for synergy. Additionally, as catalysts of research, hubs need to preserve a wide range of research works by translational workforce is critical to enhance their visibility, promote people and their expertise, support attribution of their work, aid the discovery and accessibility by the international scientific community, and support open and FAIR science. The CD2H Resource Discovery Core takes as its mission the creation and enhancement of tools and resources that empower the CTSA hubs in this area.


Several tools and resources have been created through the efforts of the Resource Discovery Core team and collaborating hubs, including:

  • A library of CTSA-oriented personas to inform development of software solutions, training and engagement materials, etc. with guidebook for use.
  • Attribution tools to help credit the wide range of work and research products in translational sciences.
  • Data models to promote access, indexing, and discoverability of a wide range of resources, such as training, research, and engagement resources. 
  • Invenio RDM, a turn-key open source research data management platform requiring minimal experience to install, operate, and administer. Invenio RDM provides a secure way to support reproducibility, enable reuse, and empower organizations to disseminate data and other research products worldwide. This work is being completed through a partnership with CERN with a one-year timeline, due Summer 2020.

See CD2H Labs for our demonstration platforms. These include:

Further information on this core and its projects can be found in the Resource Discovery Core GitHub repository.

See OpenVIVO for a real-life demonstration of contributor role attribution