CD2H Community Meeting: Data Workgroup, Sept 14, 2018

The CD2H community appreciates the participation in the CD2H Quarterly Fall Data Workgroup Community Meeting on September 14th. Watch a recording of the CD2H Data Workgroup Community Meeting below.

Click on the image to play a recording of the meeting

Please see the meeting slides as an additional resource. You can further explore the comments, ideas, and questions. Please feel free to view notes in the community brainstorming document.

We would love to hear any additional input, thoughts and suggestions for future sessions.


We would especially like to thank our community panelists for their contributions. All of their input is critical to help inform the next phase of work for the CD2H’s Data Community Workgroup. See below for a list of panelists and contributors.

Presentation Title Presenter 
Focus area 1 – Data Model Harmonization
CD2H: NCATS Vision for Data Harmonization Ken Gersing
Community Fast Pitches: Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics (OHDSI) George Hripcsak and Ken Gersing
Community Fast Pitches: Data Harmonization in the TriNetX Network Michael Kamerick
Community Fast Pitches: Challenges in the ACT Network Shyam Visweswaran
Community Fast Pitches: PCORnet Keith Marsolo
Focus area 2 – Data Discovery Engine
CD2H: Data Discovery Engine Chunlei Wu
Community Fast Pitches: Centralized Approaches to Data Management Matthew Trunnell
Community Fast Pitches: Discovering Your Own Data James J. Cimino
Community Fast Pitches: Real-world Data Discovery and Delivery Jonathan Silverstein
Focus area 3 – Leveraging Informatics to Accelerate Basic to Clinical Translation  
CD2H: LOINC2HPO Peter Robinson  
Maturity Model David Dorr
Community Fast Pitches: Making LOINC Computable for Open Science Daniel Vreeman
Community Fast Pitches: TURBO Integration of Biobanking with Clinical Data Heather Williams and David Birtwell
Community Fast Pitches: Maturity Model Nick Anderson


Next steps: CD2H will host follow up calls to discuss strategy and next steps for each of the focus areas below. If you could like to participate then please register interest here: